Statement against diplomatic immunity of WHO, WEF and GAVI for advocating to inject 5.7 billion people with a bioweapon.


looks beautiful.
IS beautiful!

It has a lake.
It has this Jet d’Eau.

It’s very peaceful.

But there is a dark side to it.

Everything evil in the world…

related to democide
unfortunately comes from Geneva.

You have WHO in Geneva.

You have GAVI (Bill Gates).

Then you have the WEF,

the World Economic Forum,
of which my father was co-founder…

and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust
in the early eighties,

that has diplomatic immunity.

I, as a Swiss citizen,
right here now,

declare that the WEF is not elegible anymore
for diplomatic immunity.

I call on the Swiss authorities and security
to arrest those people immediately.


Big Pharrma, Big Tech, Bill Gates…

all advocated a global humanity injection
by a bioweapon,

injecting nano-lipids
into 5.7 billion people.

And we Swiss are hosting them?

That’s terrible.

We cannot tolerate any entity
that promotes poison…

to be injected into humanity.

But you’ve done it.

I’m the victim, I’m dying from it.
And my mother too.

It’s a democide and you’ll be judged.

It will be corrected
in the name of humanity.

Maybe there is a Geneva/Swiss syndrome,

but definitely there is a UN syndrome.

Because people are so afraid
of what’s going on…

because the United Nations is occupied.

But people in there don’t understand.

Those who understand keep quiet
or try to speak in different ways…

to help people to wake up.

So if you understand that,
you know that this was very easy…

to carve a world government.

If you don’t have a force that stops that
and says “We the people” is more important.

And that’s what we’re doing now,

we are trying to build a “We the People” movement
that is very global.

Something completely different.

But what is going on in Geneva
is the opposite at the moment.

There is no right to WHO
to give any orders…

to dictate to the whole world
like they have done.

And the Global Alliance for
Vaccine immunization, GAVI (Bill Gates)…

got total immunity
from the Swiss government.

You can find this admin dot lex
in the Swiss database, go and look!

This is a coup d’etat, clearly.
It’s a global crime scene.

And we are bringing little pieces
of evidence to people,

with humility, because in science
you always have a doubt.

It’s a healthy doubt.

And I think that is
a very important attitute.

I believe personally
Geneva has a better future.

Swiss neutrality has to be restored.

We have no future not being neutral.

The young people who survive through this
wil be the guarantors, hopefully,

that such institutions can never again
take foothold in our blessed country.

Never again.

The snake head is in Geneva.

I call it a direct clear and present danger
to the Swiss population…

but I can tell you
it is being cut off.

If you have a house of cards,

and this is a house of cards of a criminal,

one card pulled by justice
and the whole card house collapses.

But from hope alone it is not done,
everybody must now change the spirit.

And all the vaccinated, the injected,
knowing that they are poisoned…

we are the masses!
We’re billions of people.

Let’s just stand up and stay stop.

We will not comply.

And in French:
“Ni oubli, ni pardon.”

Because we are
the guardians of humanity…

and our light obliterates
the darkness of evil.


For those who have been killed or injured
by the Covid-19 injections.



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Democide is a term to describe “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command.”


Pascal Najadi

Pascal Najadi (1967) is a retired Swiss Investment banker, film maker, author, and the son of Hussain Najadi. He currently works as a peace and bitcoin activist. He sued Swiss president Alain Berset for abusing his office and making false statements on Swiss television regarding COVID-19. He is one of the many, who is now suffering deadly collateral damage from the Covid-19 bioweapon (1), globally promoted and sold as “vaccine” by Big Pharma, governments and Main Stream Media (MSM).
His father Hussain Najadi (~1938 – 2013) was an international banker born in Bahrain to parents of Persian origin. Najadi was the first Chairman of developing countries gathering at Davos Economic Symposium (1971 – now known as World Economic Forum), in Davos, Switzerland which he abandoned however, disgusted with Klaus Schwab (early 80’s) as said in the video. (Wikipedia EN) Hussain Najadi was assassinated by a gunman in 2013 in Malaysia.

On December 2, 2022, Pascal Najadi went to the police to file abuse of office charges against Berset (former Swiss health minister and now Swiss preisdent who, surprisingly, anounced resigning at the end of the year (3)) under Article 312 of the Swiss Criminal Code. (Western Standard)


Astrid Stuckelberger PhD

is a former ethics researcher at the W.H.O. who became a whistleblower wanting to shed light on the behind-the-scenes at our top world health agency, their conflicts of interests, and who’s really been pulling the strings in the #Covid19 pandemic response. (Interview with Del Bigtree – popup video)
Dr Astrid Stuckelberger website



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