Stella Assange on #USUK injustice in their childish revenge on Julian. (EN►ES/NL)

“The US and the UK (#USUK) are happy to talk about political prisoners abroad, but they have created a political prisoner of their own.”

“The case is so outragous that it should be thrown out!”

#FreeAssange · #FreeThePress · #FreeTheTruth

Stella Assange points out all the injustice and incoherences used by #USUK in Julian Assange’s case which is totally insustainable by any objective justice, law and even common sense.
Both countries seem to be quite careless about the little international  credibility they might still have left after they decided to engage in the illegal war against Iraq, even in spite of the gigantic global demonstrations against it in 2003.

Could it be that they now don’t even care (anymore) because they are already working towards The Great Reset and Agenda 2030, through supra-national non-democratic entities (that they have created themselves, by the way) like the infamous WEF and WHO but also IMF and even the UN, so their national sense of honor and dignity simply vanished into thin air anyway?


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