June 2009: WHO’s false swine flu pandemic – “The greatest scandal of the century” (ES►EN, ES, IT, NL)

In Strasbourg, the Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe is going to investigate…

… how far has got the influence of
pharmaceutical lobbies reached…

… in the management of the swine flu
by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The head of health of that chamber
denounces hidden interests…

… and complicity of
the health authorities.

A report from Edurne Arbeloa.

The swine flu,
a million dollar flu for laboratories…

…with the complicity
of the health authorities.

This is what the parliamentary assembly of the
Council of Europe is going to investigate.

From the denunciations of this man,
Wolfgang Wodarg, the president…

… of the health commission
of that institution.

The epidemiologist considers
the disease as one…

…of the greatest medical
scandals of the century.

He specifically wants
to have this investigated:

…The declaration of a pandemic
last June by the WHO.

We are in phase 6 said its director,
Margaret Chan.

Just a month earlier,
the WHO had modified the criteria.

They had decided that
to increase the alert level…

…a certain percentage of
deaths was no longer necessary.

From there, the psychosis and the
business of multinationals began.

Countries started buying
millions of vaccines.

The chamber will investigate the extent
to which laboratories influenced…

…in official institutions
to sell more.

After the avian flu, the international protocol
in the event of a pandemic was defined.

The laboratories guaranteed
vaccines on time and in return…

… the states
promised to buy them.

Safe business for companies.

Edurne Arbeloa, CNN +

Many had been suspecting it,
many had been saying it in a low voice,

…but today, as we have already told you,
someone has denounced it loud and clear.

The chairman of the Health Commission
of the Council of Europe is a German,

…whose name is Wolfgang Wodarg,

…has accused the lobby of
pharmaceutical laboratories,

…of organizing
the psychosis of influenza A (swine flu).

This gentleman is a doctor,
an epidemiologist…

… and was a member of the
SPD, the German Socialist Party.

And he has offered extensive statements to the
French newspaper “L’Humanitée” in which…

…he blames the WHO for this wave of
hysteria that we have all experienced.

He affirms that in that organization,
the WHO, there are many people linked…

…very closely with the
pharmaceutical industry.

That the panic that swept the world was
not spontaneous, that it was planned.

And that there was nothing in
that flu to justify such an alarm.

Especially interesting is the
observation that dr. Wodarg makes…

…on the declaration of a pandemic.

He says the following, pay attention!

Until last May 2009,
for a pandemic to be declared…

…two things had to happen:

1) a virus should be spreading rapidly…

2) and that, also, the mortality should be
much higher than the seasonal averages.

Since that May 2009 the definition was changed.

It was no longer necessary to allude to mortality,

… it was enough that it was
appearing in different countries.

Thus, the pandemic was defined
by spread, not by gravity.

That in May.

Well, a month later, in June,
that definition is changed.

The influenza A pandemic
was officially announced.

Laboratories launched into
manufacturing a new vaccine…

…and governments, skillfully herded
by the interests of their lobbies,

…did what they were supposed
to do: buy millions of units.

Well, today we know that
influenza A has produced…

…one-tenth as many fatalities
as seasonal flu.

And that we have millions of doses,
with which we do not know what to do…

…and that we are trying to place,
who knows with what arguments,

…to underdeveloped countries.

Before the end of this month the
Council of Europe will open…

…an investigation into the role of
lobbies and governments in this business.

The most disgusting business,
the business of fear!

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This Spanish report on the WHO’s redefined pandemic, the 2009 swine flu (N1H1), looks at the lobby by big pharma and the lawsuit that was filed by Wolfgang Wodarg, virologist and president of the EU health commission at that time. He called it: a “wave of hysteria” and “the greatest scandal of the century” (Covid hadn’t happened yet).

#ExitTheWho, #StopTheTreaty, #FREEset

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