Italian censorship on Covid vaccine victims and deaths | Raffaella Regoli 2nd part (IT►EN/ES/NL)

Italian police officer:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
But an iceberg that is equal to Antarctica.

Question – You filed charges?

As part of the law enforcement, of the various forces,
we have exposed these serious violations.


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

But an iceberg that
is equal to Antarctica.

They have to show me that the
‘vaccine’ has nothing to do with it.

So… what did my son die of?

Why isn’t anyone investigating?

They don’t want to investigate.

When I started investigating
these “sudden deaths” myself,

I never expected it to go this far.

Now we know that not only
autopsies are not being done,

but that the “sudden deaths”
are not being recorded by ISTAT,

or they do it in a wrong way…
and it’s not the first time.

– You filed charges.
– Indeed.

As part of the law enforcement,
of the various forces,

we have exposed
these serious violations.

Here I have an ISTAT form,
(Italian Bureau of Statistics)

in which someone is admitted
with ischemic heart disease,

but gets as the official cause of death
interstitial pneumonia from Sars-Cov-2.

What is the control test?
That’s a negative swab.

But then they should explain how
that’s possible, with a negative swab.

This ISTAT form does
not correspond to the truth.

Because a Covid death is worth
much more than an ordinary death.

Yes unfortunately it is.

A Covid death has a value,
an ordinary death has not.

– January 27th has he had his second shot?
– Yes.

– And he died?
– The 31st.

And what did the autopsy reveal?

His heart would be enlarged,
like almost doubled.

He would suffer from cardiac atrophy.

– Never noticed?
– My son has always been healthy.

This is the ISTAT form, which
required forensical examination.

And this says my son died
of acute pulmonary edema.

what did my son really die of?

Alterated forms and
sudden deaths that go undeclared.

In Italy, ISTAT has stopped
indicating the cause of death

for two years, contrary to
what is happening abroad.

The British statistics office
has opened an investigation.

The data from the ONS,
the Office for National Statistics,

shows that the overall death rate
of ‘vaccinated’ people is increasing…

and eventually exceeds that
of the unvaccinated persons.

The ‘vaccination’ campaign is
indeed linked to the excess mortality.

In the US, the age group up to 40 years
had an excess mortality,

in these two years,
of almost 120,000 young people.

To better understand
what we are talking about here,

someone made the comparison
with the soldiers who died in Vietnam.

That was 60,000 soldiers,
but in 12 years.

That is the dimension of the
phenomenon we are talking about.

Also last night, when I closed my eyes,
I heard my husband’s voice…

calling Davide again.
“Davide, Davide!”

They have to show me that the
‘vaccine’ has nothing to do with it.

They did the autopsy,
but your son’s heart is gone?

They didn’t keep it.

They said Davide had
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

My husband and I had a
separate investigation done…

and we have black and white that Davide
didn’t have any form of cardiomyopathy.

I demand to know the truth
and why Davide is gone.

Why we no longer
have our 29 year old son.

I meet Dr. Barbaro in Rome.

He is the cardiologist of a
recognized hospital in the capital…

and he has a lot to say
about the “sudden deaths”.

You are a cardiologist.

How many “sudden deaths”
did you see before the “vaccinations”?

That could happen once a month,

but now it’s more than once a week.

The autopsies
are performed very superficially.

Research on the Spike protein
in the heart,

could provide a lot of clarity
about the “sudden deaths”.

If an autopsy finds that an
8-year-old girl died of pericarditis…?

is not uncommon in children,

but there has been a clear significant
increase in the last two years.

– And is that because of the ‘vaccines’?
– That’s because of the ‘vaccines’.

How do I later find these
deaths in the ISTAT data?

Unfortunately, these deaths
are recorded as natural causes.

Runa has not regained consciousness, they
have tried for hours to resuscitate him.

They did everything they could.

I filed suit because to me…

there was no reason
why Runa should have died.

We wanted to have his heart examined.

So they removed it.

And they told us that Runa
had developed a pericarditis…

and an onset of
fulminant myopericarditis.

They have demonstrated
the presence of Pfizer,

but it could be interpreted
as a natural death,

as more than 15 days had passed
since he had the ‘vaccine’.

Death by natural causes.
No connection whatsoever.

But who set that limit of 14 days…

to relate side effects and
sudden deaths to the ‘vaccine’?

Dr. Massimo Federico of
the Higher Health Institute…

gets permission to talk to me
but only in a personal capacity.

Listen to what he tells us.

No, I would eliminate those 14 days.

From a scientific point of view, I don’t
think such a deadline makes any sense.

According to “Cell”, one of
the leading scientific journals,

what matters is that the codified
protein of these “vaccines”…

remains in circulation for more than 60 days.

Why is it still taboo
in this country…

to talk about
the side effects of the ‘vaccine’?

Including the “sudden death” hypothesis.

Good question!

I will be the happiest
person in the world…

when I can convince myself,

that none of this is
related to these “vaccines.”

Things are happening that
absolutely need to be investigated.

Why isn’t the prosecution
investigating this?

I tell you with pain in my heart:
“I don’t know.”

And it’s precisely the judiciary
that should save us.

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