MEGA, Make Europa Great Again (= a Community!) (IT)

Background and consequences of the Maastricht Treaty 30 years later – Fabio Sarzi Amadè (IT)

How the European dream of a harmonious living surrounding for the people degenerated into no more than a stupid market for greedy banks and corporations after the Maastricht Treaty when in fact it stopped being a Community, both in name as in ideology.

But precisely now, since the so-called Covid pandemic when the powers of the world want to deliver the final blow for this “Great Reset” they have imagined, many people are waking up and actually taking up the concept of Community again and the willingness to move back to our natural human essence instead of to a Europa of full of artificiality and ‘smart’ stuff.

Possibly we will see this in the results of the coming European Elections of 2024. It may turn out to be the Great FREEset for the people instead, which could actually lead to MEGA: Make Europe Great Again (= a Community). And this time maybe even for real.


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