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#ExitTheWho #StopTheTreaty #FREEset

The WHO unilaterally changes definitions whenever they feel like. Why?
But especially, why do we allow them?

In 2009 WHO unilaterally decided to change the definition of “Pandemic”, drastically lowering the criteria to allow for the Swine Flu to be declared pandemic, against the opposition of many doctors, scientists and of Russia and China amongst other countries.

In 2020 WHO felt the urge to change the definition of “herd-immunity”, from something purely natural (and free) to someting artificial, laboratory-made, patentable (and highly profitable).

Also the WHO redefined normal, healthy people to “asymptomatic”. By doing so “healthy persons” actually stopped existing and everybody turned suddenly in a “possible source of infection”.

Additionally, while PCR is not a diagnostic tool and known to give up to 95% false positives, the WHO knowingly allowed positive PCR test results to be called “cases”. This wrongly increased the Covid statistics exponentially for both supposedly sick people and the supposed death rates.

But as Tedros predicted, “The worst is yet to come.” Because in the meantime the arrogance of the WHO, with the support of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the like, has grown so out of proportions that they want to usurp the right to even remove the “respect for Human Dignity, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” from the WHO’s statutes by May 2023.

The time to sign the petition has now passed, but we leave the link for reference.


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