Teach young children in school not to discriminate against LGBTI or does it actually incite sexual confusion?

How important is it to you, that young children are being taught not to discriminate LGBTI persons, in other words, to be inclusive, at school?

Apparently, governments have decided, that inclusiveness towards LGBTI persons can and should be taught in schools to young children, by teaching them extensively and explicitly about sexual positions, sexual preferences and that they should actually think about wether or not they are happy with their own natural gender.
How acceptable do you find this?

In comparison with our own process:

How tolerant, or inclusive, do you consider yourself to be regarding LGBTI persons?

To what degree do you think that extensive and explicit information at school about sexual positions, preferences and "gender choice" would have contributed to your own tolerance?

To what extent is it clear to yourself which "gender" you are and where your sexual preference lies?

Around what age did you reach a clear idea about your own sexuality?

How did you reach your conclusions about your own sexuality and gender?

Back to the inclusion agenda

To what extend do you think teaching young children explicity about sexuality and gender choice at school will indeed lead to greater inclusivity of LGBTI persons in the future?

To what extend do you think it could lead to sexual confusion amongst the children?

To what extent do you feel that this global phenomenon goes beyond just the argument of inclusion and has some other unmentioned goal or agenda behind it?