#FreeAssange Poll

To what degree do you find that:

- any media outlet or individual journalist and
- any government or individual politician,
if they do not publicly demand to #FreeAssange...

are accepting and allowing:

- the suppression of Free Press and Free Speech?

- anti-democratic censorship by governments and institutions?

- unjustified imprisonment of innocent citizens?

- the breakdown of Universal Human Rights?

- the breakdown of Democracy as a whole?

- a victory of injustice in the world?

To what degree do you consider sole confinement in Belmarsh prison, UK, to be torture?

Do you think Julian Assange should be freed?

Should those responsible for the hunt and detention of Julian Assange be prosecuted?

To what degree do you support 7 december to be declared "International #FreeAssange Day"?

Your country?
(Free and Optional, just for statisctics - choose or add your country in your own language)