Smart Cities and such…

Smart City as happily explained by OWO (Wikipedia 09/05/23)

A smart city is a technologically modern urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data. Information gained from that data is used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently; in return, that data is used to improve operations across the city[1]. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, buildings and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste, criminal investigations,[2] information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services.[3][4] Smart cities are defined as smart both in the ways in which their governments harness technology as well as in how they monitor, analyze, plan, and govern the city*. In smart cities, the sharing of data is not limited to the city itself but also includes businesses, citizens and other third parties** that can benefit from various uses of that data. Sharing data from different systems and sectors creates opportunities for increased understanding and economic benefits.[5]

This first paragraph alone is stuffed with words and frases that, by themselves, are generic and meaningless and can be interpreted in countless ways. This allows OWO to sell the smart city concept to the masses as being “for their good” like they always do. At the same time the vague words may just cover OWO’s own interests including easier surveillance, control and even oppression if needed according to their standards. The words allow them to brush away any opposition by simply stating: “we told you so”.

In fact, according to the following post, in China some people had to sleep on the street since their smart home didn’t open the door for them, because they missed their imposed PCR test of the day.


It comes as no surprise that smart city projects are stimulated and propagated by WEF & co. (instead of asked for by the majority of citizens) and that the Covid-19 “pandemic” is again used as “argument” to accelerate their development with 36 cities worldwide being chosen as “pioneers” on 17 november 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

More examples of ‘Smart’ City projects and propaganda world  wide: