Covid incompetence Italy: head of High Institute of Health, unaware of pandemic plan (IT►EN/ES/NL)

This man was appointed president
of the Higher Institute of Health in 2019.

In 2020, he does not know
that the pandemic plan exists.

Doesn’t know, not heard about.

When the pandemic erupts,
the WHO warns, in January 2020,

that we must be prepared, he doesn’t
know that there is a pandemic plan.

In February, when the
first cases appear in Italy…

he doesn’t not know
that there is a pandemic plan.

In June! May, June…when
he is questioned by the judges:

“How come you didn’t know
about the pandemic plan?”

he says:
“No one has told me anything”

No one has told me!
That’s what he says.

How can, I wonder, such a person,

recently appointed by this government,
how can he still be there?

Someone who, with a
false windshield of science,

covered the decisions
of the politicians.

He is there, you heard it,
to carry out political decisions.

How can this man
still be in that position?

How can he still be the president
of our highest Institute of Health?

Professor, I do not want to
involve you in the Brusaferro case,

but in science,
which is bown to politics,

you always said
something about that.

I can tell you two things.

In the absence of a pandemic plan,
all ministers from 2006 to now…

should be interrogated, because they all
knew nothing about this serious situation.

It came out when the pandemic arrived.

Second, I have to say that science…

only gets manipulated and
instrumentalized by (dictatorial) regimes.

And we, who would seem
to be living in a democracy,

when we said, that we were actually living
under a regime, it was true.

– Have we lived under a regime?
– Absolutely!

Because science was not free.

For all the times we, very few,
expressed a doubt, we have been crucified.

And you only heard the voices,
in all national (TV) networks,

– of whom agreed with the government.
– A Regime!

Thank you very much Professor Gismondo.
Thank you. Manuela and Marcello.

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