Dr. David Martin in the European Parliament: “SARS man-made and Covid19 intentional release” (EN►IT/FR)

Dr. David MARTIN in the European Parliament: “SARS was man-made and Covid19 was an intentional release, chemical and biological warfare and a premeditated act of terrorism perpetrated against mankind.” [May 3, 2023]

Full video version and with slides translated into Italian

Dr. David Martin, founder and President of M CAM ®, a leading financial risk management company, developer of quantitative indices, creator of several companies, patent reviewer, researcher with publications in law, medicine, engineering, after having spent these years to bring out the truth, he makes his presentation at the International Covid Summit III in the European Parliament.

In his speech on May 3, 2023 he defines Covid19 as an act of premeditated internal terrorism, a chemical and biological warfare perpetrated against mankind, reconstructing its creation.
The coronavirus was identified as a pathogen with the potential for modification and use for biological warfare as early as 1965 and transformed into a chimera in the 1970s.

SARS, explains Dr. Martin, is not a natural phenomenon but a product of human research to be used as a weapon, patented in 2002. In the following year 2003, in clear violation of the biological weapons treaties, the CDC filed the patent on the Coronavirus.

Following an accidental or intentional “release” of one of these respiratory pathogens, it would have been possible to convince the world to accept a universal “vaccine” model .
In his speech, Dr. Martin also questioned the credibility of Operation Warp Speed , highlighting the fact that Pfizer had filed a patent on the spike protein vaccine as early as 1990, and that there is a documented research history on the ability of the coronavirus to mutate rapidly and make vaccines ineffective.


found at and translated from: https://t.me/detoxedinfotelegram/219

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