Hundreds of Thousands Protest Genocide in Gaza, High Court, #FreePalestine #FreeJulianAssange

13 January 2024 – protest for Palestine/Gaza at the High Court in London, UK, where the decision will be taken to extradite Julian Assange to the US or not on 20/21 February 2024.

#FreeAssange = #FreeThePress = #FreeTheTruth
Free the TRUTH, especially about wars, ALL WARS – past, present and future!
Not just Palestine and GAZA, but Ucraine as well and also the undeclared but now intensified WAR against the FARMERS in Europe and the whole world.
The marches for GAZA should also include #FreeAssange, as well as the Farmer’s protests in Germany.
The corruption and manipulation of the Press is really where all those problems (WARS) start!

And marching for Assange should NOT WAIT until 20 February, Day-X, the final judgement… that’s too late!! It should be starting now, EVERY DAY and it should grow into a giant global roar BEFORE Day-X!!
Assange should have marches like these, the WHOLE WEEK, before the court even starts. Exactly like the German Farmers are doing right at this very moment, blocking the whole of Germany with the support from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Romenia, Poland and even Russia!
EVERY DAY must be #FreeAssangeDay


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