Graham Hancock – lost ancient civilizations

Humanity’s ancient history and origins of ‘civilization’ is full of blind spots and unanswered questions. This is especially true for the oldest known and recognized human constructions like Stonehenge, Easter Islands, the Pyramids and now also Göbekli Tepe. Questions like who build them or, even if we know, how did they build them? With what tools and what knowledge?

Important part of the problem to solving these questions or ‘mysteries’ is actually the rigidness of the “established” and “recognized” science and scientists, who only seem to accept theories that fit in to the existing narrative rather than to adapt the narrative to new findings or to answers that simplify some existing complicated or sometimes even incoherent theories.

Graham Hancock’s theories are definitely more fascinating  and seem much more plausible than several of those “established” theories. But only acceptable for those who have the privilidge of not being stuck in the official stories.

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