John Shipton live in italian Première of Ithaka the movie (EN►ES/IT/NL)


Highlight of one of the most beautiful moments of John Shipton’s talk with Lorena.

Lorena: How would you explain this sudden interest
from the part of the public?

John: You know, in travelling to fifty countries
over the last three years…
and speaking to many, many people…
I found, and this is indisputable,
I found a deep yearning
for justice in people’s hearts.
And the revulsion, a profound revulsion
to see injustice.
And that is my knowledge.

John Shipton is Julian Assange’s dad. He has been traveling the world for three years to demand Julian’s freedom.
On one hand, because Julian Assange has committed no crime and, in fact, has never been officially charged. On the other hand, because he has been suffering incessant psychological torture for more than 10 years: seven years as a refugee in Ecuador’s embassy and now four years in the Belmarsh high-security prison where he is languishing and getting closer and closer to death.

Ithaka is the film of John Shipton’s journey. Yesterday, 23/06/2023 was the premiere in Montano Lucino (Como) with live intervention of John Shipton’s own thanks to Como_for_Assange.


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