Journalists are war criminals. | Julian Assange (8 october 2011 EN►DE/ES/FR/IT/NL)

Julian’s full speech at the Stop War Coalition 8 october 2011 in London, where he spoke his famous frase:

“Wars are started by lies”

Fortunately, he took care, to close this speech with the optimistic extension of this frase, equally famous:

“If  wars can be started by lies,
PEACE can be started by TRUTH.”

There are other less famous frases, however, that surely will also have had a role in wanting him to be silenced by the several powers out there and that have gone as far as putting him in Belmarsh prison, without even being convicted or charged, against constitutions, Human Rights, Human Ethics, justice or any common sense:

We must not petition…
we must take it over.


…they take money [from tax payers in] the US, every NATO country, Australia
and launder it through Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan…
and wash that money in people’s blood.


Journalists are war criminals.


This speech is part of a demonstration organised by Stop the War Coalition to mark the 10th aniversary of the Afghanistan war, and took place in London on the 8th of October 2011.

Julian Assange is the founder of wikiLeaks – a site designed to “bring important news and information to the public” by making public, mainly, leaked material.


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