May 2009: WHO lowers criteria of “Pandemic” definition (NL►EN/ES/IT/NL)

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But first, the swine flu.

A year ago the Netherlands
were turned upside down,

…there was talk of a “pandemic”!

Possibly millions of people would get sick
and thousands would die.

But looking back it was the mildest flu
season ever in our country.

The world was fooled by
the threat of a pandemic…

…that never was.

And the result was, huge sums of public money
were wasted by medicines.

In May 2009 the World Health Organization,
WHO, changes the definition of “pandemic”.

This adjustment allows the WHO to declare pandemic
for the swine flu only a month later,

…even if it’s a mild virus
with few deaths.

If the definition had remained
as it was for 2009,

…then there no pandemic
would have been declared.

It concerned tens of billions for something
that was actually not necessary at all.

The story was there is
a great plague coming.

The worst possible sort of flu,
which is a phase 6.

Almost everyone thinks with a pandemic,
like the Spanish flu in 1918,

…of many deaths.

This is also how it was described
in the original pandemic definition…

…of the World Health Organization
from 2005.

The original definition, which was
on the homepage of their website,

…was that a phase 6 pandemic
must be likely to cause, their words,…

…a tremendous number of deaths
or serious illness. A tremendous number!

In the newer definition
from early last year…

…the severity of the flu is
no longer taken into account…

…it was purely based
on its spread.

British MP Paul Flynn examined as
rapporteur for the Council of Europe…

…the approach of the swine flu
by the World Health Organization.

He was shocked by the new definition.

And the severity of the flu didn’t matter.

That’s madness!

To say you’ve got a very modal flu…

…and you describe it as the worst ever,
as a phase 6 pandemic,

…so you’ve got nothing to describe
what would be a dangerous killer flu.

This way a pandemic will be declared
for every simple cold that we have in the world.

That shouldn’t happen of course.

If the definition had remained
as it was for 2009…

… then no pandemic
would have been declared.

And had we also not spent
all that money on those vaccines?

That’s hard to say, of course…

…but I guess that wouldn’t
have happened, no.

It suited the pharmaceutical companies
to frighten the world.

That’s the only sensible explanation.

There were 15 people, experts,
who were on the emergency committee…

… who made the decision,
the vital decision.

The names were secret
for a whole year.

We now know that 5 of the 15 had strong
links with pharmaceutical companies.

The declaration of a pandemic
is not without obligation.

It means that all member countries,
which are almost all countries in the world,

…have to take measures, such as testing,
stocking up on vaccines.

It has quite a few consequences
when the WHO says,

…that a pandemic has broken out.

The pandemic statement leads to
vaccines being ordered worldwide…

…and virus inhibitors are purchased.

Because only a limited part of the
population has been vaccinated (in NL),

… there is a surplus of nearly
20 million useless vaccines.

According to the Health Ministry,
a total of € 340 million has been spent…

…to fight the swine flu.

They let the world down on swine flu,

…by lowering their standards.

And they surrendered to the persuation
of people who were speaking…

…on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry
rather than speaking for public health.

In the Council of Europe we don’t have
to defend any national interests.

We can speak the truth…

…and we took the unanimous decision
of condemning what the WHO have done.


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This 2010 Dutch report looks back at the WHO’s 2009 swine flu (N1H1) pandemic, which they label as a fake (hoax), due to the fact that the WHO had first changed the definition of “pandemic” in order to, indeed, be able to officially declare a pandemic just a few weeks after for the Swine Flu, a downright forerunner to the Wuhan flu narrative and comparable Agenda 2030 manipulations.

Dutch Professor of pharmaceutical biotechnology Huub Schellekens predicted:

This way a pandemic will be declared for every single cold we have in the world.

Dick Bijl, epidemiologist:

If the definition had remained as it was, before 2009, there would have been no pandemic.

Paul Flynn, EN – reporter to the European Council

The world was fooled by the threat of a pandemic that never was.
It suited the pharmaceutical companies to frighten the world.


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