The unvaccinated are dangrous. Period! – Pierpaolo Sileri, italian government politician 25 January 2022

On 25 January 2022, Pierpaolo Sileri, Italian undersecretary of health, made this explicit statement confirming once again the radical position of the Italian government regarding ‘vaccination’ on MSM channel La7:

We’ll make your life miserable, as we are already doing,
because the unvaccinated are dangerous. Period!

Half a year earlier, on 22 July 2021, the banker made into unelected pri-minister of Italy, Mario Draghi himself already declared in MSM newspaper La Repubblica:

You don’t get vaccinated, you get sick,  you die.
Or you make die.

These harsh words together with the harsh regulations and the harsh suppression of any opposition led the Italian population to just comply and now Italy suffers a great number of ‘vaccin’ victims, who are not mentioned by MSM, as exposed in the documentary “Invisibili” (The invisibles).


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