US corruption and UK puppet – Susan Sarandon at #FreeAssange protest NYC (EN►ES)


It’s the corruption, you know,
within our government…
suddenly turns around.

But you would think the press
would understand that they’re next,

if they try to ever tell the truth
about anything against the system.

So I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

The UK, a puppet government of the US,
does the whatever the US tells them to do.

And that’s why he (Julian Assange) is still
in Belmarsh prison instead of being FREE.

The corporate media!
They side with the state.

They are like this with the state.

They do as they’re told.
They say as they’re told.

Assange revealed in his ***logs
there was footage…

of Iraquis being killed by the US,
including a journalist!

But journalists don’t speak for that person
or for their profession at all.

They speak up for the state!

And that is why it’s so important…

for people who want peace,
for people who believe in freedom of the press

to defend Julian Assange,
to fight against his extradition…

and to demand that he be free.

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