Was the Spanish flu really a pandemic? Vera Sharav talks with Reiner Füllmich at the Grand Jury. (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL)

The 1918 spanish influenza.

It did not emanate from Spain.

It was not a flu.

Nor was it caused by a virus.

By misidentifying it
as influenza from Spain…

helped to conceal
the true nature and origin.

The goal of eugenics was and is…

to eliminate people…

whom the elite deemed
“inferior genetic material”.

For over a century the Rockefellers…

have continued to be
the largest financial backers…

and drivers of eugenics
and the depopulation agenda.

This catastrophic pandemic
has been encased…

in a false narrative for over a century.

In 1918, as the US entered WW1…

the military was expanded
to 6 million men.

In january 1918,

an experimental meningitis vaccine,

was tested on soldiers.

Dr. Frederick Gates,

board president
of the Rockefeller Institute,

began the experiment
at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Influenza outbreaks were reported

at 14 of the biggest
armed force training camps.

Recover troops carried and transmitted
the infection…

to healthy soldiers
in the battle fields of Europa.

When WW1 ended
soldiers returned to their home…

spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia
world wide.

Only those who were vaccinated perished.

– Sounds familiar?
– It does.

When the war ended
the Rockefeller Institute…

sent the deadly meningitis concoction…

for use in civilians in England, France,

Belgium, Italy and other
western european countries…

thereby spreading the epidemic world wide.

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(First of a set of 8 videos compiled by Agenda2029, under the name: Pandemic and vaccine hoaxes?)

  • “The Spanish flu didn’t start in Spain.”
  • “It was not a flu.”
  • “And it wasn’t caused by a virus.”

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and founder of the Alliance for the Protection of Human Research, provides a detailed account of the true events that caused the “Spanish flu” and draws chilling parallels to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This video is an abstract from Sharav’s full talk.
The talk is at it’s turn an excerpt from The Grand Jury (Reiner Füllmich)
Full video of Day 6 (link starting at Vera Sharav’s part)


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