WHO wants to cancel Human Rights, Dignity and Freedoms through IHR | James Roguski talks with Maria Zeee

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James Roguski joins Maria Zeee to issue a RED ALERT for all of humanity – the WHO has written in a REMOVAL of Human Dignity, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms during their secret meetings to negotiate amendments to the International Health Regulations (IRH), which every member country is legally bound by. This comes litterally quite close to enslavement of the Human race by OWO

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James Roguski’s references from the video:

“WHO gets to decide who gets the money.
That’s not a question, that’s a statement.
And that is just basic corruption at it’s core!

From StichtingVaccinvrij.nl (Vaccin Free Foundation, Netherlands)
The super-secret International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC – see reports) will meet from Jan. 9 to 13, 2023. They plan to submit the changes on January 15, 2023. Why are these meetings secret? Is it a coincidence that they are taking place in Switzerland and that the decision will have fallen just before the WEF annual meeting there? James Roguski follows these disturbing developments closely. (more at the Vaccine Free Foundation – NL)


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