FREE Julian Assange! Top media outlets demand US end prosecution of Julian Assange.

Source and more info: Al Jazeera – 28/11/2022

US charges against WikiLeaks founder threaten press freedom and set ‘dangerous precedent’, US and European media say.

An open letter from five leading media outlets claims the indictment against Julian Assange ‘threatens to undermine America’s First Amendment and the freedom of the press’

The United States must end its prosecution of Julian Assange, top global media organisations have urged, saying the US indictment against the WikiLeaks founder threatens free expression and freedom of the press.

In an open letter on Monday, five leading media outlets denounced the US’s prosecution against Assange, who is wanted on 18 counts, including a spying charge.


“This indictment sets a dangerous precedent and threatens to undermine America’s First Amendment and the freedom of the press,” wrote the editors and publishers of The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El Pais.


“Holding governments accountable is part of the core mission of a free press in a democracy.”


The letter comes exactly 12 years after the media outlets published revelations gleaned from WikiLeaks’s release of more than 250,000 confidential US military records and diplomatic cables, known as “Cablegate”.


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