Big Reset Movie – first short version (20 min ES►EN/ES/IT/NL)

The censored spanish documentary on the truth of the ‘pandemic‘ that already in 2020 explained everything in less than 20 minutes.
The public was so enthusiastic and GRATEFUL, that the maker decided to start a crowd-funding campaign to produce a longer, more international and of course updated version. He also found support from great names like Reiner Füllmich, Wolfgang Wodarg, Luc Montagnier and Mike Yeadon and one year later the spanish people were so lucky to even be able and see the Big Reset Movie the full documentary in the cinema’s all over Spain.

Had this been a judicial class-action against either the WHO or the European Commission, then all Covid decrees, measures and other associated anti-Constitutional and anti Human Rights impositions would have been RESET to before 2020!

We may remember 2020 as the year that changed our lives, the year in which everything we trusted collapsed. Under the umbrella of fear, our fundamental rights have been undermined, and now, moreover, we are being vaccinated. However, more and more of us are beginning to realize that there is something else behind it.
Basically, we have not been told the whole plan.

Source: The Big Reset Movie . com


Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???


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