The second industrial revolution. – It’s not consumerism, it’s productionism!

Big Industry Mass Production pushed Big Mass Consumption, not the way around.

Big Industry’s great excuse is always that they are “just” fulfilling an ‘existing need’. That they produce only because people ‘want it’. That’s one Big Lie!

Better then anyone they know how to artificially CREATE this ‘need’ through psycologically very strong marketing and publicity. Nobody needs a cola or a hamburger or shoes from a specific brand.

If their theory was right or acceptable, then one could also say that dogs or horses have a need for a sugar  cube or chocolate. We all know sugar is bad for dogs and horses, so we don’t give it to them. But still, if it were for the dog it would eat all the sugar cubes it could get. It’s not a need, it’s a whim that’s not good for him. The same happens with cola, hamburgers and those shoes and all products one could live without, without dying or suffering.

Therefore we do not live in a consumerist society, we live in a productionist society.
Not MAN, as goes the title of this brilliant video by Steve Cutts, is the cause of  the depletion of the planet but BIG INDUSTRY and its profit obsession is!
In this light the character of this video should not be seen as one person representing all individual Human beings in the world, but rather as a CEO representing the ever larger multi-national corporations, generally monopolies, of the Old World Order, OWO.

(part of the four Industrial Revolutions)

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