Stop ALL (Covid)mRNA injections NOW! Dr. McCullough at European Parliament. (13/09/2023 EN►ES/IT/NL)

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Dr. McCullough hits it hard right from the start of his speech at the European Parliament:

  1. The SARS-CoV-2 was engineered by the US and China in the Wuhan lab. (And they all knew right from the start – WHO, CDC, FDA, etc)
  2. Covid was NOT a pandemic and the disease is easy to cure on its onset.
  3. The (Covid)mRNA injections are NOT a vaccin, they are dangerous and deadly.

And he says so (loudly), because as experienced expert he knows, because there is tons of investigations, papers and documentations supporting and confirm this and because most of it is actually also confirmed by the various agencies themselves, although in a very low voice.

Now this only requires that:

  1. the international justice aparatus, especially judges, start to see, acknowlegde and sentence this;
  2. the politicians start to be honest, transparent and sense of reality instead of driven by any agenda;
  3. MSM stops censorship to propagate only the one-sided filtered narrative in favour of big pharma and allow as much time and dedication to the other half of global professionals and experts who actually share the view of Dr. McCullough.

As Dr. McCullough says, fortunately this is already starting to happen in many places and it is just a matter of time before also public institutions and court cases all over the world will catch up with truth and reality. Even so, he understands that the European institutions do still need a quite a push towards the required honesty, transparency and sense of reality so he ends his speech repeating and emphasizing what many experts have said right from the start.

“I submit to you the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ and all of their progeny and future boosters are NOT SAFE for human use.”

“I implore you, as a governing body, the European Medicine Agency (EMA), to apply all pressure and due agency to remove the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ from the market.”

(Links to the people and organizations mentioned will be added for a more complete picture)

Full transcript

I’m Dr Peter McCullough, a practising internist, a cardiologist and epidemiologist, and I’ve been completely dedicated since the onset of the pandemic to doing everything I can to help each and every patient. These are my observations and this is my analysis.

There have been two waves of injury to the world. The first has been the SARS-CoV-2 infection, which preyed upon the frail and the elderly. And then the second wave of injury now has been the COVID-19 vaccines.

The role of the WHO appears to be adverse in both of these. The role of The WHO appears to be operating within a biopharmaceutical complex, a syndicate. A complicated syndicate that has formed over time. It includes The WHO, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, Gavi, Sepi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation that the Gates Foundation and the WEF formed largely. The Department of State in the United States, the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, the FDA, the MHRA in the UK, TGA in Australia, SAFRA in South Africa, and the EMA here in Europe. This grouping of non-governmental organizations with governmental public health agencies is operating as a unit. They’re carefully coordinated. And the impact has been adverse. At the outset of the pandemic, there was an investigation by the WHO on the origins of SARS-CoV-2. That’s when the beginning of the cover-up began. Rear Admiral Brett Jarrar in the United States nominated 3 independent scientists to go to Wuhan and figure out what was going on. We knew at that time and this has all come out in congressional hearings, that Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, Jeremy Farrar, who was at the Wellcome Trust, who’s now the chief scientist at The WHO. Christian Andersen at Scripps Edwin Holmes in Sydney. Peter Daszik at the Eco Health Alliance. They all conspired in January 2020 to cover up what they knew that the virus was engineered in a joint US-Chinese collaboration in the lab in Wuhan, China. And they deceived the world with 12 subsequent fraudulent papers in the peer-reviewed literature. These were quarterbacked by Jeremy Farrar, who is the chief scientist at the WHO.

This is all in the series of reports in the House Select Committee in the United States by the US Congress, led by Representative Brad Wenstrup. The WHO has played an adverse role from the very beginning, deceiving the world about the origins of SARS-CoV-2. Doctors like us in clinical practice got behind this because our governments and agencies like The WHO weren’t honest with us. And instead of helping us, or at least getting out of the way in terms of treating patients and saving lives, they got in the way and impeded our ability to treat patients. They effectively created an entire environment of therapeutic nihilism. There are only two things that prevented hospitalization and death: One was early treatment early on and the second was to acquire natural immunity with the first episode of the infection. Nothing else worked. There were only two bad outcomes, hospitalization and death. To this day the WHO does not support, embrace, or promulgate early treatment protocols for patients with acute COVID-19. That should tell you something. That should be a wake-up call. We’re going on three years of this. Three years of this. And still, nothing to reduce human suffering from The WHO. Nothing, in fact an effort that enhances human suffering because the first wave was the illness. And I’ve testified in the US Senate multiple times, that the majority of hospitalizations and deaths were completely avoidable. The highest risk patients with early intervention starting with virucidal nasal sprays and gargles and then intravenous and oral drugs administered at home to get people through the illness.

Now enter the vaccines since 2021. The vaccines have ravaged the population in the world. Worldwide, 2/3 of people took a vaccine. the United States COVID Community State study shows that 75% of Americans took a vaccine. Thankfully, 25% didn’t.

I was the only public health and public figure in the United States in writing to question the vaccines before they came out. And I did it as loudly as I could.

Of the COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, 94% of Americans took a messenger RNA vaccine. It is the genetic code for the potentially lethal spike protein, part of the virus. It was the worst idea ever to install the genetic code by injection and allow the unbridled production of a potentially lethal protein in the human body for an uncontrolled duration of time. Everything we’ve learned about the vaccine since they’ve come out is horrifying. There’s not a single study showing that the messenger RNA is broken down because it’s pseudo-uridineated. It’s made synthetically, it cannot be broken down. There’s not a study showing it leaves the body. We now have papers by Castro Yuda, who demonstrates the messenger RNA circulating for a month. That’s as long as they’ve looked. We have the spike protein, the lethal protein from the vaccines found in the human body after vaccination circulating, at least for six months, if not longer. And if people take an injection in another six months there’s another installation in more circulating, potentially lethal protein.

The spike protein is proven in 3400 peer-reviewed manuscripts to cause four major domains of disease. One is cardiovascular disease, heart inflammation, or myocarditis. Every regulatory agency agrees that vaccines cause myocarditis. I’m a cardiologist, before COVID. For years, we’ve had guidelines in cardiology when there is myocarditis, whether it’s symptomatic or not, people cannot exert themselves in athletics, it will cause a cardiac arrest. And yet, across Europe and across the United States, sports leagues were injecting young people who had no medical necessity, no clinical indication with these vaccines. And we have seen a montage of cardiac arrests in young individuals.

I’m telling you as an expert cardiologist, that these cardiac arrests are due to the COVID-19 vaccine until proven otherwise. They are. Other cardiovascular diseases are caused by the vaccine-proven acceleration of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and heart attacks or cardiovascular arrest. Posterior orthostatic tachycardia, POTS, or people passing out due to low blood pressure. You have seen montages of people in the media one after another passing out like you’ve never seen before. It is the vaccine until proven otherwise. Aortic dissection. Atrial fibrillation, other arrhythmias, and cardiac arrest in the absence of myocarditis have been described with the COVID-19 vaccines. The cardiovascular domain of damage in the human body from the vaccine is substantial. More than anything we’ve ever seen with cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

The second major domain is neurologic disease and stroke. Both ischemic and hemorrhagic Guillain Barre syndrome, ascending paralysis that can lead to death, which has led to death with messenger RNA vaccines agreed to by all of our regulatory agencies, small fibre neuropathy, numbness and tingling, ringing in the ears, headaches. These are common.

The third major domain is blood clots. Blood clots like we’ve never seen before. The spike protein is the most thrombogenic protein we’ve ever seen in human medicine. It’s found in the blood clots. The spike protein causes blood clots, larger and more resistant to blood thinners than we’ve ever experienced in human medicine. I have patients with blood clots now going on two years and they are not dissolving with conventional blood thinners due to these vaccines. We can’t get these out of the body. We can’t get the messenger RNA or the spike protein out of the body, as it’s continually produced.

Fourth, and last domain: immunologic abnormalities. Vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia and multisystem inflammatory disorders are early acute syndromes well described and published. They have their own acronyms, all agreed to by the regulatory agencies.

So all of you in the room and all of you listening online are asking. Is it me? Is it my family member? Is it my loved one who is going to be the next person to drop after a vaccine? We’ve seen cardiac arrest now two years after these shots. Two years. I’m the senior author of the largest autopsy study ever assembled of death after COVID-19 vaccination worldwide. We searched the literature 600 papers, and all the clinical findings. We reviewed them with contemporary knowledge experts in pathology and clinical medicine. Our conclusion 73.9% of the deaths after vaccination are due to the vaccine. They are due to the vaccine. When it’s suspected myocarditis in a second paper, of which I’m the senior author, it’s 100% of the time. It’s due to the vaccine. Not COVID respiratory illness, the vaccine.

We are seeing now a third false narrative. The first false narrative was that the virus is unassailable. We have to stay in lockdown and be fearful. The second false narrative is, “Take a vaccine, it’s safe and effective”. The third false narrative now is, “It’s not the vaccine causing these problems, it’s COVID. It’s COVID that we saw back in 2020 causing all these problems in 2023.” Don’t fall for the false narrative. The medical literature at this point in time is compelling. The Bradford Hill criteria for causality have been fulfilled. The vaccines are causing this enormous wave of illness. Now, could it be you and your family member? A few important papers to finish: One is by Schmelling and colleagues from Denmark. Demonstrating that about 30% of people who have taken a vaccine have zero side effects. Nothing, not even a sore arm. Not even a sensation that anything happened with the injection. Those people appear to be fine forever as if they didn’t take a shot. And say the data are the same in the United States and our air system, the 2nd batch group is about 70% of individuals and they have some moderate side effects and some trouble, but they don’t seem to really have serious. And then there’s this small third batch group, 4.2% in the Smelling data. It’s through the roof. Myocarditis, cardiac arrest, blood clots, hemorrhagic stroke, disabilities. Sudden death at home in bed. And the data are the same in the United States. 4.2% of people in Europe right now are in trouble. Because they were unlucky enough to get a high-risk batch. In the United States, according to our CDC V SAFE data, which is self-reported data 10 million Americans, the number is 7.7% got so sick with a shot they had to go to the hospital and be treated or be hospitalized. A Zogby survey done about a year ago, a big representative sample in the United States, found 15% of those who took a vaccine have some medical problem. That they’re dealing with. So again, 4.2 percent 7.7%, that’s the penumbra. That is the Venn diagram that you’re you’re all going to be involved in the calculus.

What’s the path forward? The path forward is clearly for no one to take another shot. No one. Now the World Council for Health, which is a multinational evidence-based physician and healthcare provider organization, on June 11th, 2022, issued a pharmacovigilance report looking at 39 safety databases including the. The WHO Vigiaccess and the EMA databases in the US databases. And their conclusion was to remove all the COVID-19 vaccines off the market for excess risk of death, excess risk of death.

OK. On the floor of the US Senate, December 7th of 2022, I co-moderated a session. And our expert panel by assent, in the US Senate, concluded all the COVID-19 vaccines should be removed from the market. All of them. No new boosters. Then in March 23rd of 2023, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a fact-based, evidence-based, consensus-driven organization just like the two others, also concluded that we need to remove the vaccines from the market. So I submit to you the COVID-19 vaccines and all of their progeny and future boosters are not safe for human use. I implore you, as a governing body, the European Medicine Agency, to apply all pressure and due agency to remove the COVID-19 vaccines from the market.

In the United States, it’s going jurisdiction by jurisdiction, probably state by state, to remove them off the market if the federal government doesn’t do so, it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen all over the world.

The WHO is standing behind these vaccines. They are far more of a problem than a help to the European Union. And it’s my belief that the European Union, the United States and all major stakeholders should actually completely pull out of the WHO and leave the WHO to its own endeavours not to have any jurisdiction, any dominion over what we do in healthcare. WHO will never have dominion over what I do as a practitioner, with patients in my practice.

(by Mathew Aldred, thank you.) 

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