Julian’s latest letter from Belmarsh prison, where UK is letting him die.

Dear Almut & all the gang from Free Assange Berlin.

thank you for your letter and photos of 7 December 2023!

I am moved to see you braving the Berlin cold and dark and put up one of these photos in my cell so the guards can see it next time they enter. Thank you for defending my freedom–and yours.

Keep the faith.


Letter from Julian Assange in response to the Christmas letter with photo after a “ silent wake for Assange” in Berlin.

Julian Assange is an Australian programmer/journalist and a Global fighter for FREE and specially HONEST press.

He is held in miserable conditions in the worst prison of UK
since more than 5 years
without any reason, accusation or verdict,
against all international laws, rules or agreements
only because UK decided to slavishly support US
in their revenge, out of pure infantile frustration, on Julian
because he created the way to expose US corruption and crimes.


to be continued.