Thank you and #FreeAssangeNOW | Stella Assange after Day X (EN►EN/IT/NL)

Hi everybody, we’re a few days now,
past the hearing dates…

and I wanted to give you
an upddate of where the things at.

Firstly though I want to thank all of you

for the incredible support
you have showed both outside court,

when we were going in and coming out
both days, it was incredible.

The press saw all the energy
and incredible support there was…

outside court and around the world.

I’ve been trying to catch up,

but there’s just such overwhelming
shows of support all over the world…

that I still haven’t caught up properly.

But I’d just like to thank everyone
who took to the streets…

because it’s so important.

And I have to tell you, that this time
I felt like there was a shift.

Like, there was a clear message
to the press and to the court…

that the world is watching.

I also want to thank all of you people…

who, although you weren’t able to take
to the streets in London or elsewhere,

you have brought
attention to Julian’s case.,

you continue to do so
and please continue doing so.

Now, where are we at?
We had two days of hearings.

My greatest fear was that on day two
the judges would announce…

that they had already reached
their conclusion…

and that Julian was going to be taken
to the United States.

That hasn’t happened… yet.

But we’re still at that point
of extreme danger.

US marshalls will be on call,
waiting to hear the decision of the judges.

That decisione won’t come down
before the 4th of march…

because the judges have asked
for more informations….

from the parties, from Julian’s lawyers
and from the United States…

and the UK Home secretary
for more information.

So that means a decision will not
come down before the 4th of March.

That does not mean
that we should loose initiative.

We have to keep up the momentum
because the judges are in the process…

of making their decision.

And as soon as there’s a decision,
if it goes against Julian…

US Marshalls will take him on to a
military plain in a US military base in the UK…

and take him to the United States.

Of course we will do everything
to prevent it.

We will go to the European Court
of Human Rights,

we will ask for an emergency order…

because there is risk to his life,
risk of torture…

and it its imminent and irreparable.

But it’s not a given…

that the European Court
will hand down an order to the UK…

or that the UK will respect it even though
they are legally obligated to do so.

So we’re still at the point
of extreme danger.

I have some optimism that the court
was listening to our arguments.

Our arguments are extremely strong.

Each of them
should make this case collapse.

And the fact that the WORLD IS WATCHING,
I think,

is a disciplinary force on the authorities
that are keeping Julian in prison.

I also want to point out
to all of you guys…

that we have shifted our focus from
“don’t extradite Assange” to FREE Assange.

FREE Assange now has to be
the collective message for Julian.

It’s not just about extradition,
it’s not just about the legal process.

It’s about FREEING him,
he shouldn’t be in prison.

It’s that simple.

Whatever it takes,
he just needs to be FREE!

He’s been in prison for almost five years.

So that is a clear message
that I want you to convey,

that I’m conveying…

and that those who are holding Julian
in prison need to hear…

over and over again.

We still need all the pressure
of public attention on Julian’s case.

He is still in extreme danger.

We can win this.

And for those of you who can,
please, please, please…

donate to the campaign,
to Julian’s legal fees…

because we are in a fight
against an adversary, the US government,

who has poured in
millions and millions of dollars.

And of course, Julian can’t fight back
without your support.

So if you can,
please contitnue to support financially…

because we need that support
in order to continue putting up a fight.

All right, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Thank you so much for all your support,
It is so energizing.

And for Julian, it really helps him
to continue this fight.

He’s unwell,
but he is drawing…

from all your energies and all your support
to get through this.

And we WILL FREE him!

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