Blind faith in vaccines based on the double polio-myth: the ‘pandemic’ and it’s ‘vaccine’ (EN►ES/IT/NL)

(Video part of: Pandemic and vaccine hoaxes?)

The often blind faith in vaccines is mainly based upon the double polio-myth. The myth of the polio-pandemic itself and the even greater myth of the healing polio-vaccine…

However, if you question vaccines, you will likely be met with trouble. Health professionals will be shunned by peers, punished by authorities and censored by the media. Lay people will be labelled as “vaccine hesitant” or “anti-vaxxers” and treated as if they are some special combination of stupid and wicked. The obligation to believe in vaccines is like religious observance under a religious dictatorship.

How did it get like this? And most importantly, is the widespread almost religious belief in the virtue of vaccines really justified?

The opposite

This video suggests the complete opposite.
First, a totally different cause of at least many of the paralysis cases, all of which were thrown under the common umbrella of Polio (before the vaccine came on the market), namely poisoning:

  • in late 19th century and early 20th century by a powder for the irritation and pain during tooth growth in babies that contained mercury, which was used until the 1950s. Mercury was supposed to be harmless, now we know it is toxic and can cause muscle weakness, bad coordination and death (min. 6:55).
  • in the 1950s through the unlimited use of DDT against insects. This poison affects the nervous system and causes paralysis. Inexplicably, everyone was convinced that this effect did occur in insects, but would be completely harmless to humans.
    In the 70s, however, DDT was banned. (min. 8:20)

Additionally the video suggests that the so-called polio vaccine was actually the cause of other diseases:

  • polio itself (12:40)
  • cancer, because of contamination by the SV40 monkey virus (14:10)
  • AIDS, because of the SIV monkey virus through the use of monkey kidneys during the culture of the polio vaccines (16:20)


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