You will eat insects and you will be happy?


They attack our food
and want us to eat crap!

Crickets and meat from the lab.

A report by Raffaella Regoli.

A blueberry cricket snack!

This is the cricket
we can eat from today.

Insects, synthetic meat and
wine with a warning label.

The Mediterranean diet,
our food, is under attack.

Cricket meal is
just a final “YES”…

of the European Union
to the new food.

They’ve called them “Novel Food”…

and there is already permission
for larvae, flour moths and locusts.

They have one common denominator:

Previously, permission had already
been given to the synthetic meat,

which is promoted by Bill Gates.

Another business worth millions.

This is just the start.

From the Bill & Melinda Gates-funded
WHO to Ursula von der Leyen…

passing by Davos,

Agenda 2030 is moving full steam ahead,
also in terms of food we should eat.

With the aim of?

Achieving a single, global diet
in the name of saving our planet…

and the interests of the big multinationals,
who make a lot of money from insects.

Like the French Ynsect,
which received 10 million euros…

to build the largest
insect farm in the world.

In the European context, the
authorities should defend us,

but in this case the authorities
play the game of the multinationals.

I arrive at the Italian Cricket farm,
near Turin.

The company breeds
crickets, moths and caimans…

for food intended for animals,
but now also for humans.

They are already preparing
for the new contracts.

This is the “Acheta domesticus”,

the cricket that the EU says
we can eat from today.

These are the yellow flour moths,
which are now edible throughout the EU.

We breed about a million crickets a day.

Who asks for this flour?

The supermarkets want products
with insect meal,

because they want
to open up to this market.

The law says that the processed insects
must be mentioned,

because there may be
allergic aspects to it.

There is also a lot of
discussion about chitin.

But only because there
is a lot of ignorance.

Indeed there are doubts
and not just a bit.

The European Food Safety
Authority warns against allergies…

which this insect meal can cause…

and prohibits it as a supplement
for those under 18 years of age.

Nature has published studies on chitin
in which they express doubts.

That it may be harmful
to human health.

This is our laboratory,
this is where they are cooked.

– And with this the flour is made?
– Yes.

So this is cricket flour.

Here’s a paste.
How much does this cost?

For the public it would be about 4 Euro.
[normally around 1 Euro in Italy]

So it is also an expensive pasta.

Sure, because you pay
for all the protein in it.

This is a famous Italian cookie…

and here are the energy
snacks that AstroSamanta ate.

Forget that I would eat
cricket powder… no way!

There are other sources of protein.

Probably less profitable, because
this is clearly an expensive business.

But only because it’s new.

But then I wonder,
how did we get to eat insects?

There is a lot of speculation
to create new markets.

The plan for a new global diet
has come a long way.

In 2015, the FAO sounds the
alarm for a food emergency…

and the European Union
opens up to new sources of food.

In 2018, the WHO declares that insects are
an acceptable alternative protein source.

In those same months in Davos,
the elite publishes this report…

with the caption: “Good news,
because we can eat insects.”

The multinationals push it,
the governments implement…

and the testimonials are pouring in.

Watch this fascinating
Nicole Kidman eat insects.

“Are amazing.”

Publicity about the virtue of insects
even comes from space by AstroSamanta.

Why don’t you
also try insects sometime?

What we’re most concerned about
is that cricket flour is used…

in the transformation phase
of the products.

So there is no clarity for the consumer
whether it’s in there.

I’m thinking about
cookies, bread or pizza.

According to ISPE’s 2021 report
in the scientific journal “Viruses”…

there are as many as 70 different viruses
in the culture of 15 species of insects.

The report concludes:

some viruses, found in insects
and which are pathogens to humans,

can pose a risk to public health…

We are preparing an demand
to get an explanation…

from the European Commission and
also from our government,

on which basis permission has been given
for the use of this animal meal…

in the diet of Europeans.

And what is the presumption?

It would seem like there’s an agenda
going on as a result of which…

people may become increasingly
susceptible to disease and require more care.

If you had to choose between
insects and the Mediterranean diet?

Definitely the Mediterranean diet.
We don’t need insects.

But they have an advantage
that other animals do not have.

They are cannibal by nature, if there
are too many they will eat each other.

If you follow who you eat…
you become a cannibal too.

That’s what I mean,

if we could eat our carcasses, we would
have solved the food problem on the planet.

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