Prosecute UK for TORTURE! (EN, ES, IT, NL)

A reaction to this fakebook post:

Australia calls on USA to release Assange in cordial diplomacy.

But in reality, someone, some organization or some country (Australia?) should simply…


Any and all of the responsible UK entities and persons should be prosecuted for knowingly and willingly torturing a man who has NEVER been convicted or even charged. That means: certain ministers, police, maybe judges and even the crown! They all knew and know that Julian is being tortured under their responsibility., We all know, because:

the UN itself has confirmed TWICE! that Julian’s solitary confinement in Belmarsh is TORTURE.

All of these people have been breaking one of the most fundamental rules of Human Rights. For five years in a row now!
How come nobody in the UK is being prosecuted yet?

Of course the US can be kindly asked for “cordial diplomacy”, but it is still the UK, or actually England, that has actively kidnapped, imprisoned and has been torturing Julian Assange since more than five years now, and apparently even intending to prolong this until his death!