Simple post – example and explanation

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Introduction and explanation

Agenda2029·is (y)our FREEset platform where you are free to create articles for yourself or for a group.
Easy and trusted login with Telegram ♥ (only option within short : )

The simple way to start: just a Title, Text content and one (featured) image.
This whole article is also written through simple post.

The input screen looks like this:

The featured image
This is the image that will appear as heading of your post (just like this page). The same image will appear when sharing on social webs or in chats. Maximum size is 5Mb.

Post Title
Doesn’t really need explanation, right? But there is an important observation!
The title also determines the URL or website adress. The title “This article is great” creates the URL:
You can edit the title afterwards if you change your mind. But the URL won’t. Just so you know.

Post content – the text options
You can use the buttons or keyboard shortcuts on desktop computer.

  • bold text (ctrl+b),
  • italic text (ctrl+i),
  • underline text (ctrl+u)
  • or any combination

You can also make lists:

  1. Bulleted lists (like the one above | shift+alt+u)
  2. Numbered lists (like this one | shift+alt+o)

Adding links
Very important of course, you can add links to a text
To do so you select the text and then you click the link button (or Ctrl+K on the computer)
Interesting to know; when you link to an image or to a video they will open in a “pop-up window” or “lightbox”. If you have several images/videos you can go through them like a gallery.

You can align paragraphs:

  • left (shift+alt+l) (default)
  • center (shift+alt+c)
  • right (shift+alt+r)

this is
a center aligned

and this is
a right aligned


This is a “blockquote” (shift+alt+q)

I never saw any use in it but it’s always there…


Saving your post
When you’re done writing you click [ Create POST ] and you will jump to your newly created post/page
at address or URL:
If you just want to save without going to the page yet, you can click “Save Draft” and then continue to write.

To EDIT  your post
At the bottom of the form (when you’re creating) you will see the code that creates the icon with the link to edit your post afterwards. This is generated automatically, you don’t have to do anything. When you go to your page you will see the edit link or icon at the bottom.

More options
for more options like images within your content use New post – FULL and see explanation 2.

Good luck! 💪🏼

EDIT or Back to your Dashboard.

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