Pandemic and vaccine scam?

The Spanish Flu and Polio
Fear for pandemic is essentially based on the two largest and most cited “pandemics” of the past century: the Spanish Flu and Polio. In addition, the latter also triggered misplaced confidence in the vaccine “miracle”.
Below you find, in chronological order, an alternative view of these two alleged pandemics and of the alleged role played by the vaccine in overcoming polio, while there are clear indications that, instead, it provoked new real and serious pandemics.

1918~1920 Spanish Flu

Vera Sharav provides a detailed account of the true events that caused the “Spanish flu” and draws chilling parallels to the Covid-19 pandemic.

1940~1960 Polio and its ‘vaccine’ since 1955

The often blind faith in vaccines is strongly based upon the double polio-myth. The myth of the disease itself and the even greater myth of the healing vaccine...

The belief in these first two pandemic/vaccine narratives made it easy to then extend it ever after…

2009 the WHO makes it easy to declare a “pandemic” – Swine Flu (N1H1)

Three independent reports from Holland, Spain and Italy illustrate how the WHO’s declaration of “pandemic” for the Swine Flu in 2009 was pushed by big pharma lobby and big financial interests. Interests that since then only have grown, exponentially!

With comments by highly regarded experts (until they publicly took a critical stance):
Paul Flynn, EN – reporter to the European Council
Dick Bijl, NL – epidemiologist
Huub Schellekens, NL – professor of pharmaceutical biotechnology
Wolfgang Wodarg, DE – president of the EU health commission
German Velasquez, CO – senior WHO executive for over 20 years
Nicoletta Dentico, IT – director Health Innovation in Practice

Short timeline of the WHO 2009 pandemic scam  

Starting from the belief in the Spanish Flu and Polio narratives, all the following “pandemics” with their corresponding “vaccines” have found easy acceptance by the masses. No sooner had one of the two terms been mentioned then the vast majority of people took for granted everything they were told about it. Not just for years or decades, but for generations! By now there is no one left who has actually gone through it, so all we have is the narrative.

However, now that information is no longer a privilidged one-way issue, thanks to the internet, more and more alternative narratives are emerging and people are waking up more and more no matter how much they want to make it hard for us.

As a consequence one begins to wonder if not all Pandemic-Vaccine narratives may be hoaxes. Is it possible that, in the end, the only two real and serious pandemics in human history have been the plague in the Middle Ages and the pandemic of smallpox among the native Indians due to the colonization of America?

2020… The Wuhan Flu, made known as ‘novel’ Corona or Covid-19

There is little to add here, or too much… Maybe just the observation that after more than a century they insist and are still trying. Nothing has changed, except perhaps the means, but the manipulation of the masses by the elite is still the same in essence.


What’s next?

After being announced by some (Gates again? Or Fauci or Schwab, or all three?), and having done a simulation some months earlier similar to Event 201 for the Wuhan Flu, they wanted to bring us… MONKEYPOX! Sadly for them this one failed, but then they also had “Warburg” waiting on the sidelines. Within short it seems we may even expect pandemics to be come in a handy take-one-have-two package or something alike (with possibly free delivery by Amazon by drone).


Only one question remains…

Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???